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Inwood Enterprise Co., Ltd, as a wood products company since 2000 in China, mainly offers a great variety of veneer for local market. After accumulating ten years of experiences, we trust that we can provide our high quality veneer products worldwide. The company purchases the logs personally by selecting the fresh and veneer grade logs for production. Customers¡¯ requests consummated the product quality standards so quickly that we can satisfy different customers¡¯ requirements from top to bottom.

Today, Inwood Enterprise can produce veneer in a wide range of species, thickness and dimensions to meet the changing needs of plywood, furniture, veneer door, flooring companies and wooden products manufacturers etc.

At the same time, Inwood enterprise understands its environmental responsibility. So our mission is to produce high quality veneer that satisfy our customer¡¯s demands efficiently and safely while being responsible for environmental protection.


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