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How to repare wood veneer on furniture?

Wood veneer is a very thin covering applied to furniture. Wood veneer has been used by furniture manufacturers for many, many years. Wood veneer is applied to the furniture with wood glue. Over the course of time, temperature and humidity wood veneer can lift off of the surface of your furniture. If the lifted wood veneer is not repaired quickly it can splinter, crack or break off completely.

  • 1 Place a thin, clean, dry towel over the lifted wood veneer.

  • 2 Place a hot iron on the cloth. Allow the iron to sit for 2 to 3 minutes. The heat should make the old glue sticky again.
  • 3 Place something heavy on top of the towel and let sit over night.
  • 4 If the wood veneer has not adhered to the surface of the furniture: Place a damp towel over the lifted veneer.
  • 5 Place a hot iron on top of the damp towel for 3 to 5 minutes. The wet heat will make the wood veneer less brittle.
  • 6 Lift the edge of the veneer, carefully, with a putty knife or a thin blunt edge knife.
  • 7 Scrape the wood under the veneer with a small craft knife such as an X-Acto knife to remove the old glue and gently score the surface. Do not scrape or score the veneer.
  • 8 Use a can of compressed air or a blow dryer to blow out bits of debris.
  • 9 Use a small paint brush to paint in between the furniture surface and the wood veneer.
  • 10 Push the wood veneer down and while pushing down wipe away excess glue with a damp rag.
  • 11 Place a heavy object on the re-glued area for 2 to 3 days
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